St. Katherine Orthodox Church
2720 Loker Ave. W. Ste. C/D ~ Carlsbad, CA 92010
Diocese of the West ~ Orthodox Church in America
Lectures by Fr. Andrew Cuneo, our Rector

Fr. Andrew Cuneo’s Lecture: Remembering Paradise

Lecture given by Fr. Andrew at Western American Diocese (ROCOR) 9th Annual Lenten Retreat
San Francisco, Holy Virgin Cathedral 

Protecting Veil Interviews: 

1. Why is CS Lewis Still So Popular?

Protecting Veil Interviews:
2. CS Lewis & Orthodoxy

Protecting Veil Interviews:
3. Advice for Inquirers about Orthodox Christianity

B.  C.S. Lewis & Kindred Spirits: "Intellectual Hospitality"
Online discussion with Inklings scholars: 

C.  Lecture at Pacifica Christian Academy:
1. "Educating the Heart: C.S. Lewis's Abolition of Man"